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This site is dedicated to our family's history and genealogy which include members with the surname Patsourakos, Patsouros, Patsouris and Patsoureas. It was created with the aim of unite all members of the family from around the globe.
This site is a tribute to the enormous work of my beloved father Vasilios Patsourakos who, first of all, for over 30 years has collected and registered a large amount of verbal and written information on the history, heritage and genealogy of the Patsourakos family. Unfortunately he did not lived enough to see the harvest of his efforts, but I think the result would satisfy him. While he was with us he succeeded to propagate to me the meaning of the family attachment for my relatives, as "distant" as they may be, the respect for the history of our family and the love for our homeland, Mani. All my effort is earnestly dedicated to him.
Many thanks to all members of our family who spent their time providing me with the information I was asking for. Their help was more than valuable.
I hope our family site will create an interest to you to read into our heritage, our homeland, Mani, the villages of your ancestors and our family history. Many among us have forgot the art of verbal tradition from generation to generation. Those of us, who are trying to preserve this heritage, hope to pass to their heirs a pride and enjoyment of learning the, more than million years, history of the Patsourakos family.
I also hope to inspire you to search our rich family heritage. Reach at your elders, before it is too late, to learn their valuable family histories they have to give you. Once they are gone from this world their memories will be lost forever. Whatever you may find, share it with us on this family site. Only through a joint effort can our heritage be documented for future generations to refer to.
I shall be constantly adding new evidence to this site and I invite anybody who has any further information or wants to contribute with pictures, stories, suggestions, corrections, comments or feedback to contact me.

Anargyros (Agis) Patsourakos
May 2009