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Family history

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1900 - TODAY

Around 1910, Ioannis Patsourakos (1890-1965) from the branch of the family which remained in Skamnaki, migrated to Thessaly to work in the construction of the railway network. Members of the family of Patsourakos currently living in Thessaly derive from him.
Around the same time period, Vassilios Patsourakos (1875-1924) from Strotza (Prossilio) migrated to Madagascar. Many others from Strotza (Prossilio) and Konakia have followed him and created their families and fortunes in that place. After Madagascar gained its independence from France, some of them returned to Greece, while most of the descendants of these pioneers migrated to France and can be currently found in the area of Marseille, as well as in the NE part of France (La Tremblabe, Pace, Paris etc) bearing the surname of "Patsouris".
In the beginning of the 20th century, numerous members of our family migrated from Konakia to the United States. The first to leave Greece were Petros Patsourakos (1887-1963) and Dimitrios Patsourakos (1887-1940) who were installed in the eastern States (New Jersey, Massachusetts), while nowadays their descendants are scattered in all States, maintaining the surname of "Patsourakos". Of course, there were many who left Konakia, Strotza (Prossilio) and Skyfianika and migrated to the USA, but returned to Greece after a few years.
During the first decades of the 20th century, as well as later, during the decades after the 2nd World War, poverty, hunger and lack of necessary resources for education and prosperity, drove many members of our clan to move to other places in Greece, i.e. from Nomia, Konakia, Strotza (Prossilio), Skyfianika and Pylos to Piraeus and Athens; their descendants still reside in those areas.
Then, members of our clan spread to other parts of Greece as well, such as Thessalonica, Chalkidiki, Florina, Lamia, Drama, Amfissa, Evia, Volos etc.
As a consequence, the villages of our ancestors were depopulated and only a few old remained there as "guardians of our native land". Fortunately, during the last years, there is a reverse migration flow from urban areas to Mani, which is a very comforting fact.
An indisputable fact is that, wherever members of our clan lived, they have never forgotten their native land and never sold off their family fortunes in their villages.
Moreover, the spiritual bond connecting all members of our clan since its very beginning was never lost; we have never forgotten that those bearing the surname "Patsouros", "Patsouris", "Patsoureas" and "Patsourakos" are all blood relatives, even though the the exact degree of consanguinity may not be known; we are always aware of our common origin and the prevailing spirit in our relation is that of understanding, mutual respect, solidarity and support.

Many thanks to my first cousin Tzina Nikoloudis for the translation of the text.